“This surf school is a very special place. Our son has just finished two weeks of camp….. his third summer with Van and his truly amazing, caring staff….and he still talks about it and misses it every day. Every kid at VC Surf School is treated with respect, as an individual with unique strengths and needs and talents. The staff are knowledgable about surfing of course and teach the skills needed but they also teach life skills. Tenacity. Patience. Kindness. Love of nature. Finding ones’s strengths. And our son has really found his “quiet place” out on those waves. It has really become part of his life.

Huuuuge heartfelt thanks to Van, Amanda, Sydney, Blaine, Jim, and Meagan. You all are stars.

It goes without saying that we highly recommend this school.”

-Alan T., Burbank CA


“I have always wanted to learn how to surf so during Spring Break, my girlfriend and friends went down to San Luis Obispo. This is where we found Van Curaza Surf School. Van is a very knowledgeable/experienced surfer (40+ years), and an excellent teacher. He has an ocean eye; By this, I mean that he knows when a perfect wave is going to break before it even starts to form. While listening to his instructions on when to paddle and pop, I was able to get up on my first try. I owe this all to Van! With his help, i was even able to ride a couple of larger waves.

Van is a wonderful teacher, and a dedicated surfer. He even runs camps for those with disabilities.

You are a wonderful person Van, and I will happily recommend you to anyone I know that wants to learn how to surf. This rating doesn’t do you justice because on a scale from 1 to 5, your are a 7! Thank you again for such an amazing experience.”

-Ryan M., San Jose Ca

“Van knows people and is a kid magnet. What an awesome experience – well worth every penny. We came from Texas and learned how to surf from the Master. Take your kids surfing!!”

-Coleburn C. ,Austin Texas

“I have taken surf lessons from instructors on both the west and east coast and Van is clearly the best in the biz. I attended the school by myself but met a family of 4 who was surfing with another instructor from the Van’s school. They had the time of their lives, as did I. Van is one of a kind. Don’t go anywhere else if you’re looking for a fun day and some surf lessons and memories that will last a lifetime!”

-Brandon M. , Goleta CA

“This is our third summer at the full day camp (this summer we did 2 weeks)and my 8 yr old LOVED it!! It’s the best location and surf school to safely and confidently learn how to surf. The instructors are awesome with the kids and everyone has a great time! I highly recommend Van Curaza Surf School for anyone who wants to learn or improve their surfing skills!”

-Diane R.